Area Of Concentration For Chemistry WAEC 2023 – WAEC Syllabus For Chemistry

In today’s blog post, I will be listing the area of concentration for chemistry WAEC 2023 – WAEC syllabus for Chemistry. If you have been searching for topics to focus on chemistry” for the upcoming West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

Then, search no further’ got you covered. Meanwhile, this WAEC chemistry syllabus is for those in Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Ivori Cost. Wassce chemistry area of concentration.

With this area of concentration/ topics to read / syllabus, the chances of getting good grade in your chemistry is high. This will enable you to know what’s likely to come out in your wassce. However, we don’t completely guarantee you that’ those topics must come out in your exams.

Meanwhile, we don’t advice our readers to focus only on waec syllabus for chemistry. You will have to read your past papers, text books, attend chemistry classes and if possible use expo” I mean leak papers.

WAEC isn’t just like your random class exams, it’s quite difficult and you know that’ it’s not easy for one person to know all the 8 – 9 subjects to write in wassce. So, anything that will make you not to rewrite this exam next year” try as much as you can to do it. See our related posts below;

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Area Of Concentration For Chemistry WAEC – WAEC Syllabus For Chemistry 


Please carefully read the below topics very well, according to WAEC” chemistry questions will come from these listed topics;

  • Structure Of The Atom
  • Standard Separation Techniques For Mixtures
  • Periodic Chemistry
  • Chemical Bonds & Stoichiometry
  • Gas Laws And Energy Changes
  • Acid, Bases And Salts
  • Solubility
  • Equilibrium And Redox Reactions
  • Organic Chemistry
  • The Chemical Industry

That’s all, just as I said earlier” you don’t have to focus only on these topics. Try as much as you can to attend chemistry tutorial class, read past papers and also consider doing expo with our source.

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