2023 WAEC Gce Expo (Runs) WhatsApp Group Link – Free WAEC Gce Runz

We have created our 2023 WAEC Gce Expo (Runs) WhatsApp Group Link – Free WAEC Gce Runz WhatsApp group chat. If you’re among those writing the 2023/2024 waec gce, and you want to get the correct questions and answers 24hrs or midnight before exam, kindly join us. Free WAEC Gce expo WhatsApp group link, for questions and answers before exam time. Make A’s and B’s in one sitting.

About 37 WAEC Gce WhatsApp group chat have filled up already and a lot of people are still joining. This is a great opportunity to say goodbye to West African Examination Council, as you will be getting the exam leak papers 24hrs or midnight before the commencement of exam.

What we are going to send to you is nothing but verified WAEC Gce correct questions and answers for this year. The leaked papers comes directly from WAEC head office, and it’s 100% legit. We have used this trick to assist a lot of WAEC Gce candidates in the past. And we are still doing, yours won’t be an exception.

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You and I know that’ no matter how brilliant you think you are? You can’t possibly know all waec gce subjects. Most especially subject like mathematics that is compulsory, and if you fail it” you will rewrite it again next year.

Before making any decisions yet, you can ask those that wrote WAEC gce last year. The questions are very difficult and aren’t giving them enough time to think and write what they have read. So, you have to be very careful and make decisions that you won’t regret. My team and I are your best plug when it comes to exam assistant, trust me’ we are good at what we do.

WAEC Gce Expo (Runs) WhatsApp Group Link – Free WAEC Gce Runz


Without saying much, I will proceed to sharing the group invite link. But before that, I want to sound this as a warning to everyone reading this right now. Please, if you’re not writing the WAEC Gce exam or trying to assist someone” do not join this group chat.

To join our WAEC Gce runs WhatsApp group chat, kindly >> CLICK HERE

Call, or chat  >> +234 906 695 1164

If the group is filled up, kindly chat the admin direct with the above Phone number. And please go straight to the point when you chat him/her up, so that you will be attend to immidiatly.

NOTE; We do not give the WAEC Gce correct questions and answers for free. Hell No, we charge small token for our services. So, for you to be able to get your correct WAEC Gce answers 24hrs or midnight before exam” you will have to subscribe with us.

Free WAEC Gce Runs WhatsApp Group Chat Rules


  1. We don’t give free WAEC Gce questions and answers to our candidates, you must subscribe to get it.
  2. Go straight to the point when you join the group and chat with the admin.
  3. Do not give listing eyes to any intruder telling to pay and get expo, to avoid scam.
  4. Pay only to the group admin
  5. All payments are made through MTN Recharge Card.
  6. That’s all, I wish you all success

Please make sure you take your time and go through the above rules and regulations, follow instructions properly and watch us put a smile on your face.

List Of Available Subjects For 2023 WAEC Gce Expo/Runs


  • Economics
  • Civic Education
  • Commerce
  • Government
  • Geography
  • Principles of Account
  • English Language
  • Literature in English
  • History
  • Fine and Applied Arts
  • French
  • Igbo
  • Music
  • Government
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Islamic Religious Studies
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Additional General Science
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Agricultural Science
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Food Science
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • General Biology
  • General Science
  • Geology
  • Health Science
  • Human Biology
  • Hygiene
  • Integrated Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Rural Biology
  • Rural Science
  • Statistics
  • Zoology
  • Geography
  • Dying & Bleaching

Incase you didn’t see any subject here, don’t panic” we got you covered in all subjects in your WAEC Gce examination.



Hopefully you have joined the WAEC Gce Expo (Runs) WhatsApp Group Link – Free WAEC Gce Runz WhatsApp group chat? Remember what I said earlier, if the group chat is filled up’ chat with the admin using the above phone number.

If you have joined, please don’t be a bad friend. Use the social media share button below to spread the news to your friends and classmates on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Excellent results, A’s and B’s is 100% guaranteed here. Work with us and smile like our previous candidates… I’m wishing you all success.