New SS2 Mock/ Promotion Exams Timetable 2023/2024 For All States

This blog post will provide you with new SS2 mock/ promotion exams timetable 2023/2024 for all states in Nigeria. If you have been searching the latest news or update on ss2 mock timetable. Then, search no further! We have provided you guys with the new timetable for your upcoming exams. Not only that, we also guide you properly on how to pass the exam without any stress.

Irrespective of the State you’re right now in Nigeria, I want you to know that’ we got you covered. We will provide you guys with correct ss2 mock exam timetable for your school. All you’re expected to do right now is to calm down and follow instructions properly.

The pure truth is that, Timetable for Mock examination is not the same. Each state have their own timetable. For instance, Akwa Ibom State ss2 mock exam is different from Ondo State ss2 mock timetable” the same thing apply for other States.

So, this makes it very difficult for students to get their accurate exam timetable. Well, that’s not an issue anymore” we have sorted things out for you guys.

But, let me ask you” how prepared are you in the upcoming mock exam? If you aren’t well prepared kindly read our related article on how to get ss2 mock questions and answers 24hrs or midnight before exam.

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This is strictly for those who are interested in getting the correct ss2 mock exam questions and answers midnight before exam time. It’s 100% legit and exactly what you will see in exam hall the next day. No scam here, our main aim is to ensure that you pass this exam.

New SS2 Mock/ Promotion Exams Timetable 2023/2024 For All States


The truth is that, we can’t possibly post all the States in Nigeria ss2 mock exam timetable” rather we share it in our WhatsApp group chat for you guys to download the PDF. You will get your ss2 mock examination timetable in our group chat when you join or contact us.

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If you have further questions concerning means to get your ss2 mock examination timetable to any State in Nigeria, kindly ask admin when you contact him on WhatsApp.

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