2023 BECE Expo/Runs WhatsApp Group Link – Junior WAEC Expo Group

This is to notify those writing the upcoming bece exam, that we have created the 2023 BECE Expo/Runs WhatsApp Group Link – Junior WAEC Expo Group chat. For correct questions and answers 24hrs before exam. BECE ditto ditto WhatsApp group link, Ghana bece WhatsApp group chat for apor/expo.

You can call it leak papers. All interested candidates will get their correct questions and answers 24hrs or midnight before exam. Jss3 bece expo  WhatsApp group link.

If you really want to make excellent result, good grades in your exams” then, we will help you achieve that. All verified bece questions and answers will drop in our VIP group, specially for those who joined and subscribe with us. It’s 100% legit, there’s nothing like scam here.

Those who are in Ghana can testify that” if you fail bece exam, you will rewrite it. So, you have to do anything possible to pass and enter senior class next year. And the pure truth is that’ no matter how smart you are? You can’t possibly know all the subjects.

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In our bece WhatsApp group chat, we also send core subjects. Nothing is left out, and all of them are very correct. We get our leak papers from bece head office, and solve them for our candidates.

Irrespective of the State you’re in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, etc. My team and I will help you get your correct bece questions and answers on time, before exam commence. All you’re expected to do right now is to join us immidiately.

BECE Expo/Runs WhatsApp Group Link – Junior WAEC Expo Group Chat


This junior WAEC expo WhatsApp group link is strictly for those writing the exam or want to join and assist their loved ones. If you’re not writing the exam, please do not join us” else you will be removed by one of our admins.

To join our bece WhatsApp group chat, kindly >> CLICK HERE

Call, or chat  >> +234 906 695 1164

NOTE – if the bece ditto ditto group is filled up, do not panic. Kindly use the phone number above to reach out to group admin for assistant in your junior WAEC exam.

Junior WAEC Expo WhatsApp Group Chat Rules


  1. We don’t give free bece questions and answers to our candidates, you must subscribe to get it.
  2. Go straight to the point when you join the group and chat with the admin.
  3. Do not give listing eyes to any intruder telling to pay and get expo, to avoid scam.
  4. Pay only to the group admin
  5. All payments are made through MTN Recharge Card.
  6. That’s all, I wish you all success

After Joining the group, make sure you chat with the group admin for method of payment and how to pay and get your correct questions and answers before exam.

 Major Subjects In BECE:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Literature-in-English
  • Agricultural Science
  • Integrated Science (Basic Science)
  • Fine Art
  • Physical Health Education
  • Yoruba
  • Hausa
  • Igbo
  • Social Studies,
  • Business Studies,
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Islamic Religious Studies
  • Music
  • Computer Science
  • Home economics
  • Basic technology
  • French language

That’s not all though, I just want you to know that’ we offer all the bece subjects, you don’t have to be afried. Just as I said earlier, we will assist you in all subjects. Join us and make excellent result in one sitting.